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Swift, on-time, and very hardworking. Adapted to parking challenges without a fuss and protected walls and floors. Finished remarkably quick.

  • Paisley

Removal Company consistently delivers exceptional service. They're quick, thorough, and budget-friendly. Thanks for being an amazing team!

  • Mick R.

These movers did a fantastic job, working diligently

  • E. Jones

Our experience with Scotland Removal has been consistently positive and hassle-free.

  • Rebecca Holly

I am beyond impressed with the movers' dedication and attention to detail.

  • Jessie W.

My move was made so much easier thanks to Removals to Scotland' exceptional service - their timeliness, politeness, and care for my belongings were unmatched.

  • Rachel Vandise

Choosing Removals Scotland is the best choice you can make when it comes to finding a reliable and efficient moving company.

  • Robert Gregory

The way they conducted themselves showed great respect and care, leaving no room for misunderstanding anything discussed. My concerns were resolved just like you promised! Exceptional customer service!

  • P. Price

Highly recommend this reputable moving company for anyone seeking a seamless relocation experience. They were timely, thorough, and attentive to detail.

  • Caroline Bimsby

The prompt response and accurate estimate given by this company were crucial in making my office relocation to London a success.

  • Terry

Premium movers- employed to ensure a seamless relocation experience in modern-day London.

  • Alan S.

I am thoroughly satisfied with my decision to choose Removals to Scotland. Their prices were reasonable and their customer service was exceptional.

  • Hermine S.

Choosing House Removals for our move was the best decision we could have made. Their team worked quickly and carefully to ensure everything was done right.

  • P. Malan

The commitment of the removals team towards providing excellent service was evident in every aspect of their work, highly recommend them for any move.

  • Jodie M

The whole team was extremely helpful and accommodating throughout every stage of our move.

  • Yasmin Yandle

The loading team was incredibly accommodating and nothing we asked for was too much for them to handle. They did an excellent job in protecting our goods.

  • Helen Moore

I was so impressed by the friendly, helpful team and their reasonably priced service offered by ScotlandRemovals!

  • Steve

If I could, I'd love to shake the hand of every single person at Removal Firm. The work of their movers was exemplary.

  • D. Sammy

I didn't just need a vehicle for my move; I needed someone to help me with the loading! I have a bad back and that makes heavy lifting very difficult. Removal Scotland were really sensitive to my needs and provided me with a great man with van service. My mover was very kind and did the work for me so that I wouldn't injure myself. I couldn't have found a more understanding company - thanks so much!

  • Charlie Briggs

If you need help moving furniture, I'd definitely recommend the services of Moving to Scotland. Not only do they offer the best value pricing in the area but they also offer the best quality service too. Not a bad word I can say about this company - highly recommend.

  • Peter Clarke

There is no doubt about it, Removal Company is the best removals company in London and I have never found a company that compares to them. I tend to move flats often because I rent so I need a decent company I can count on for high quality removal services. This company is that kind of company. They provide first class services at low prices and never let me down. I highly recommend them. They take the stress and hassle out of moving. They are one of the best companies I have used and I wouldn't look at another company again.

  • Kelly Sharp

I had a good experience with Scotland. They helped me relocate to another city without costing me a bomb. They were efficient with the packing and punctual with the transportation. It was simple and spotless, exactly how I expected it to be. So, I don't have any complaints with them and they have my recommendations. These people are good and reliable.

  • Joe

I just wanted to get in touch in order to express my gratitude to ScotlandRemovals for all the help they provided me and my family with on our moving day the other week. They were fast, efficient and their friendly, personable demeanour managed to brighten up our day, even amongst all the stress and hassle that came with moving house.

  • Sarah M.

Moving overseas was pretty nerve racking and daunting. I just didn't know what to pack and what to leave behind. And then there was the worry of how to ship everything I couldn't take on the flight with me. I was so stressed! But thankfully ScotlandRemovals was there to help for the whole process. They gave me great advice on making a moving checklist and helped me figure out costs with their quotes. They were helpful from start to finish with this move!

  • Susie S.

We used ScotlandRemovals on our recent move, and they were excellent. The team were great to have around, and even offered advice on little things like packing and lifting, so that we were involved in the move from the start. It wasn't like they needed us to be though, as they had it all covered and the job was done a lot more quickly than I had anticipated it would be. Given that the quote that they gave us had been a bit lower than others that we had received, I presumed that the job would be a little less efficient than it turned out to be, so we had a nice surprise in that sense!

  • Thomas Patterson

One thing I can say for definite regarding ScotlandRemovals is they employ very strong removal men. It may seem a small point but then again I think it's very important for any removal firm and they were also professionally attired. The company overall was professional and seem experts in handling removals. There weren't any nasty surprises such as unexpected bills which I have heard other people have experienced with other companies, my only experience with this company was excellent. I hope your company gets all the success it deserves and I'll certainly be shouting your praises to others when I can.

  • Gus D.

When you come to organizing a removal, it helps to have people involved who are really on it in terms of knowing exactly how these things work. The experience and knowledge that companies like ScotlandRemovals have in the industry is really rather astonishing, and it makes for a much easier move all round. You will find that there is a huge amount to be said for ensuring that you can get the job done with the help of a company like this, though it is not so easy to find one! Take my advice, and give them a call now!

  • David M.

I do not normally write reviews, however the service I received from ScotlandRemovals just made me change my mind. The company overall scores top marks with me. My family and I had a very pleasant experience while dealing with them. They showed a senior level of honesty, professionalism, promptness and were easy to communicate, which is something many removal companies lack. Even the appearance of the staff were excellent. Actually they really surprised me and my family. A company I would definitely recommend.

  • Sara Lee

Over the years, I've gotten to know ScotlandRemovals very well. It's been a long and happy relationship and I won't be terminating it any time soon. I run a small business and regularly have to send shipments to a variety of locations, and collect large consignments of materials and equipment from all over. This is a complex state of affairs, but thankfully ScotlandRemovals are so trustworthy I never have any cause to worry - and my business runs like clockwork thanks to them! I strongly recommend you use these lads if you need moving help - whether a one-off or long-term!

  • Molly Top

I moved house yesterday and you really wouldn't think it if you were to come and see my home today, everything is sorted and organised and it's as though I have been here for weeks. I didn't expect to be settled in as quickly as this, I was dreading moving because I do not deal with these situations very well, I like everything to be just so, most of the time. If you want a stress free easy move call ScotlandRemovals today because they are the reason I am not in any mess today, thanks so much for all your hard work and help!

  • Hazel

Only used ScotlandRemovals's packing service but if their removal services are half as good I strongly recommend them! They boxed up everything expertly and meticulously, and drew up a very helpful itinerary of which boxes contained what, making unpacking and locating objects simplicity itself! They wouldn't let us lift a finger to help at any stage - they were really committed to getting everything done themselves. Was very, very impressed with the firm, and would use them again in an instant! These lads deserve your custom, and you deserve to have access to the best moving services!

  • Paula Keats

Have you ever felt as though you needed help with your move? If you find moving one big stress, I would recommend hiring ScotlandRemovals, for they never fail to amaze us with their truly brilliant services. So if you need help, feel free to hire them. To be honest, I couldn't have been happier with their brilliant removal services. Admittedly, it is very hard indeed finding a decent removals company that you can trust. However, I am sure you will be more than happy with this company as they are the best!

  • Daniel Bridgeton

I was extremely pleased with the excellent work that ScotlandRemovals did for me on my recent removal. I booked them because they were pretty cheap, and was not expecting to get the excellent service that I did, so I was pretty chuffed in all! The team were nice to have about the place as they worked, always up for a laugh, and they got on well with my wife, which is a skill in itself! I hope that I'll be able to use them again, as it really was a much less stressful operation than I expected it to be in all!

  • Steve Mccoy

What a great company ScotlandRemovals are. They have managed to help me out with my home move and I am so impressed that I feel have to tell everyone around. The difference that they are able to make to even the simplest of moves is extraordinary and I have seen first-hand how they have helped out not just me but a number of my friends as well. It's always weird to compare the people who have hired them to the people who have not, because you can tell who is more stressed out. A great service I really recommend.

  • Julia

Moving house is not the sort of thing that I give much thought. It is stressful and takes ages to prepare and pull off. However, for our recent move we used ScotlandRemovals and things were a lot easier. I noticed that I was much more calm than usual, and I don't know whether it is because I have mellowed with age, or whether it is because the team made our lives so much easier, but I presume it was the latter! I value good value, so it was nice to see that this lot gave us a great service at an excellent price, against the current trend for many services out there at the moment!

  • Abraham A.

I hired help from ScotlandRemovals for my house move because I'd heard such great things about them, both online and through family friends. I needed to find a man and a van that was in my price range but that had experience, as I have lots of expensive appliances that I didn't want to see get damaged! My mover was very skilled and efficient, and he took great care with lifting and loading my fragile items. He was friendly and professional too - just what I needed for a stress-free house move! The move was really speedy thanks to his help and the help of the company, and it was all very affordable too!

  • Matthew K.

I was moving to another area and had sold my house really quick which was a surprise. But this meant I needed to get in touch with a removal firm to also act fast. I had heard about ScotlandRemovals from some discussing them at my local pub. I gave them a call, and got a date at short notice. I was really impressed with the record time of which everything was sorted for me. It took the hassle out of the move for me. The team was friendly and worked hard from the beginning to the end of my move.

  • Wyatt Basurto

I'm not sure there's anyone I would trust with my move other than ScotlandRemovals. Having endured other company's efforts in the past, everything else seems to pale in comparison. Other times, there has always been an issue: something gets broken, someone is late, the price is too high. But now that I know there is a better option available, I don't have to care about these silly little problems. As such, I can just get on with the process of moving house and be happy that I can do so in a timely and cost effective manner. Great service.

  • Nancy H.

If you're looking to move home, I would like to suggest ScotlandRemovals as being the best company around. When my husband and I realised that we needed to move, we began talking to a number of removals companies, but only one stood out as being able to combine an excellent standard of service with an excellent price. As such, I do not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone who might be looking to move home. They made sure that our move was handled properly and they couldn't do enough to help. Thank you once again, to the whole team, for making our move happen.

  • Gloria

It's one of those things while moving that you always forget just how much stuff you have. Despite this, I watched ScotlandRemovals load a seemingly endless amount of boxes into the lorry in an incredibly short space of time. Before I knew it, the lorry was full and then it was empty again and we were all moved in. for those who are looking for a speedy solution, then I'd say this was most definitely the way to go. Blown away by the service and shall certainly be recommending them to all of my friends.

  • Bruce Perry

I have had a storage unit for years, but getting anything a bit cumbersome too or from it was always impossible, leading to it becoming filled with small boxes and nik-naks, which is not what I intended it for. That was until my friend told me about ScotlandRemovals's man with a van, so I decided to give them a call and get a quote. Since then I haven't looked back; this service has allowed me to move some of the larger items out of my flat that were just too big but carried sentimental value. It really doesn't cost an awful lot, making it a possibility to have a good clear out every few months.

  • Victor

If you're looking to move home, I can't recommend ScotlandRemovals highly enough. My move wasn't really much to note, not a huge amount of things and not going very far. Despite that, they still provided the perfect service, treating me like a top class customer even if it was just a couple of boxes in a van. Their help meant that the entire move was pulled off without a hitch and I thought I'd drop by to let other people know what a great service it really was. Thanks again for making my move possible.

  • Melissa P.

ScotlandRemovals, can we just say that the services that you offer surpass bliss! The fact that with one quick phone call I was able to set up a packing service that included all of the packing supplies as well as a large enough van and removals crew to accommodate our large 5 bedroomed home removals is beyond belief. Then when the moving day arrived, not once did I see any member of your crew standing around or taking a single break. As a result we have come up with a theory that your movers are in fact robots that simply look like humans; although the fact that they are very friendly and communicative may blow a huge hole in this theory!

  • Katie

I knew I needed to hire a professional packing service for my house move but I was really unsure about trusting complete strangers with literally everything I owned! A friend told me to try calling ScotlandRemovals, as she'd been very pleased with their packing service in the past. I have to say that this is a really professional and efficient company. They got to work really quickly and make sure that everything was safely and securely packaged and ready for moving day. I'd have been totally stuck without their help, so thank you all so much! I'm very grateful!

  • Nicola N.

Even though I was moving into a fully-furnished house, I was taking more boxes and bags than you can possibly imagine, and I knew if I used my own car it would take me longer than the one day that I had! ScotlandRemovals were able to provide me with movers and a removal vehicle that was large enough to take everything I owned from one place to the next in just two trips! I was able to move so quickly and so easily with the help of this company and I am just so impressed. Definitely worth calling if you're moving house!

  • Amy

If you are concerned that your move is going to be a troubling time, give ScotlandRemovals a call. You will likely find that there is a lot that they can do for you, ensuring that the move goes by without many issues, and also that nothing gets broken. It's all down to good planning, and making sure that you know what is going on at all times. They helped us out immeasurably, so I'm sure that they could do the same for you!

  • Dennis W.

Moving house is big business. Packing everything that you own up and shipping it across the country, it's a large move! You need a company who are going to ensure that you and your belongings are safe at every step, and that's what I felt we got from ScotlandRemovals on our recent removal. In some ways, it is hard to know whether the team are relaxed or hugely confident or both, but the move went by without a hiccup and an extreme air of calm, which is exactly how I like things! If you're looking to avoid stress, give them a call now!

  • Brandon Parker

Trying to sell my home was a huge hassle. And once it was sold, I was so stressed about packing and removal services. I was looking for a reliable removal company that was also affordable, as I was moving long distance. I finally found ScotlandRemovals, and was immediately impressed with how prompt and friendly their staff was. They gave me great advice about how to start packing my belongings. They worked at a time that was convenient for me, so that I could make other arrangements as they packed and loaded my belongings. Their staff was friendly and knowledgeable and most importantly, their prices were affordable.

  • Lydia D.

I chose ScotlandRemovals for my company removal after hearing great reviews from a fellow professional. I really needed a company that had accomplished larger moves and knew what to expect. My business is big and I wanted to make sure there wasn't much business down time as I needed to get the company up and running again. ScotlandRemovals was able to provide just the service I needed. They gave me advice throughout the move regarding other moving arrangements and were able to work at a time that was most convenient for me. I cannot thank the staff enough for their hard work.

  • Claudio

With regards to my latest removal, the removals men from ScotlandRemovals were absolutely fantastic. I really was extremely impressed by how thoughtful and experienced they seemed to be, and when we arrived at the new place, I was pretty astounded that not a thing had been broken! In most instances I would not be that impressed by a company who simply gets their job done, but the team were very quick and efficient, which made it all the more surprising that nothing got even slightly damaged! I hope that they receive a lot more custom because they really do deserve it!

  • Linda

Having moved house a few times in the last few years, I was pretty ready for another hellish experience. There was a difference this time, we found ScotlandRemovals online, and decided to give them a go, having had a decent quote from them. The gamble paid off as it were, as the job that the company did was really quite amazing. They were very nice to deal with, and the result was a low stress, easy going removal, where nothing was broken! I could not have asked for more, especially after the nightmares that I have had previously. Thank you.

  • Annmarie W.

ScotlandRemovals are amazing! They came over to do my move the other week, and I found them to be absolutely lovely! I could not have done it without them. The guys were attentive, hard working, and lovely to be around. The move felt like a really friendly process, which was a bit of a surprise, given how terrible they are meant to be! The guys that helped out came recommended from a friend, and I would love to pass that recommendation on to anyone else who is looking for a fantastic removals team!

  • Karisa Geiger

ScotlandRemovals really did help me out to no end with their services earlier this year. I was in a bit of a stew as to how to go about the move, as I felt like I could probably save some cash by hiring a van and doing it all myself. I quickly realized that I was in trouble, in that there was little that I could get done myself without inconveniencing either my work life, or friends. The removals team I got in were fantastic at working around my schedule, and did a great job, without breaking the bank which was a surprise!

  • P. Hastel

I am so pleased with how well the move went last week that I have to recommend ScotlandRemovals to everyone! They literally made everything so much easier, because they can do pretty much everything for you! I'm serious, I needed help with the packing, so I asked about it, and the price was pretty good, so I got them to send someone round for a few hours! It was really simple and easy, which meant that I didn't need to rely on anyone else! This lot are great for anyone looking to move in a relaxed way!

  • Karly J.

I hope that all reading this will get in touch with ScotlandRemovals as soon as possible, as they are the best! The team were really friendly and nice and made sure that all of our stuff was taken care of. We were a little concerned about the ‘inevitable' breakages that come with the removals process, but it seems that these guys are able to avoid such issues, which is amazing news if you have a few valuables that you treasure! We were exceptionally pleased with the service and the price wasn't half bad either, so all good all round!

  • Mary Ashley

I'd like to extend my recommendation to all reading this of ScotlandRemovals who recently helped me move house. I am the first to admit that I am a nightmare of a customer, as I am very neat, a bit OCD if you will... The team were made aware of this, and made sure that there was no extraneous mess made, and that everything was done in a way that I wanted it to be, which saved me a lot of stress, but no doubt caused them a whole load! The move went well, and they were extremely understanding, so hire them now!!

  • J. Ellis

To be honest, I'm not exactly sure what constitutes a ‘good' removal, but I got one that was simple, easy and straight forward, for a decent price. In essence, I don't know what can make it any better, but perhaps I'm just a simple kind of guy? No frills, no messing about, ScotlandRemovals sent over a team of removals men that made the job really very easy, and as simple as it was, nothing was skimped on, so I was confident in their abilities at all times. Cheers guys and girls, great job!

  • Craig Michaels

Having worked with various companies before, I was happy with the team that I got from ScotlandRemovals. They all worked hard throughout the day to get us moved within the allotted time frame, as we could not really afford to pay them for any more days. The move was easy, and nothing was damaged, which was a great factor on top of a great experience overall. I would happily recommend these guys to anyone who needs a move doing well, as the price was very fair as well. Excellent work from an excellent company. Thank you.

  • Paul N.

I have a lot of expensive antique furniture that I collect and have inherited, but I don't really have the cash for a posh antiques removals service. ScotlandRemovals assured me that their service would be just as good, and I am pleased to say that they were not lying! Everything arrived in one piece, and there were no breakages, as all was moved with great care and treated very well. I was very happy to see how well the staff cared for my items, and I was treated with similar friendliness, so thanks all!

  • Jessica S.

My husband and I have a lot of vases, candlesticks, ornaments and picture frames and I would have been devastated if any of them were smashed or damaged by a move. Luckily, this was never likely when we were moved by ScotlandRemovals. They came to our old house with bubble wrap, padding and tissue paper and wrapped up all our precious things to make sure that they couldn't be spoiled in the move. Nothing was damaged and the staff that came to help were very understanding and friendly. Now we are in our new home with all our belongings intact!

  • Laura N.

I came across ScotlandRemovals after they were recommended by several close friends who had undertaken moves with them. Needless to say, they did not disappoint, even with such a high level of praise to live up to. Their office staff were extremely helpful in organising my move, with each aspect sorted around my needs. The movers themselves were reliable and very easy to talk to, which meant that all my suggestions were heard and that there was a lovely atmosphere throughout the day. I couldn't fault their work at all and would thoroughly recommend them!

  • Mary R.

In my line of work I tend to be extremely busy, travelling many miles across the country every day. There is little time for anything other than work and travel, let alone trying to plan a move. That being said, I have to hand it to ScotlandRemovals who were incredibly helpful from the start. They helped me to plan my move around my busy schedule, and did so in a professional, courteous manner. No complaints whatsoever; a great service and an ideal company for anybody who does not seem to have enough hours in the day!

  • Lewis Hartshorn

Superb. Quick and efficient service. Does the simple things well. I have been so annoyed with customer service of late (not just in removals but in general...seriously, how hard is it!) so to get such great service from a company which is in an industry famous for being rubbish at it was a great surprise. If you are looking for a removals company, trust me, choose this lot because Removals Scotland dealt with me superbly.

  • Keith Bews

I was looking for removal services for weeks when I stumbled upon Removals. I thought the removal process would be difficult and long as I had such trouble selling the house in the first place. But I was proved wrong. From the moment the move coordinator stepped in the house, the work was being done. Their staff members are extremely efficient and they got the job done quickly. They were organized and reliable and none of my belongings were damaged or misplaced during transport. Great job!

  • Peter Mowley

A friend recommended Removal Scotland, claiming that they provided affordable office removal services without disrupting the business. Immediately after calling them to arrange for my office move, I knew they would deliver. They were at my office the next day working out a plan and starting the organizing process. They were quick to start the job and quick to finish it. None of the office supplies were damaged and all the paperwork was organized throughout the process. They are a fantastic company and they offer great services at an affordable price. I definitely recommend them to anybody planning an office move.

  • Jason

Removals did exactly what they advertised! I asked them to complete my home move as I was relocating across country and the move was long. I have so many belongings and boxes to relocate so I needed a truly professional and experienced removal staff. Removals provided everything I needed and they kept me informed throughout the move. They were extremely friendly and accommodated my busy schedule. I was so impressed with their affordable service, I definitely recommend them for any move.

  • Jackie K

I had a lot of larger items and fragile items that needed to be moved and I was rather uncertain of how to go about it. When I called ScotlandRemovals they were able to give me immediate advice about moving and storing these larger items. They were also able to provide storage services for me that were perfectly suited to house my belongings while I moved house. I was impressed by their knowledge and skill in moving house and I would definitely recommend them to anybody who is considering a home move. Thanks to all at ScotlandRemovals.

  • Dylan S

I wanted to help my mother move but it wasn't going well. Packing was taking too long and I didn't realise how much stuff would have to be transported, more than my car could fit. The furniture alone was not something we could carry so we decided it was best to call for help. Removals were our only choice, because they understood our situation and provided a team to help us. These people packed things quickly, could carry furniture without hassle and had vehicles suitable for transporting many goods. With their involvement, my mother's move went perfectly.

  • Penny McLaughlin

Scotland gave me one of the most pleasurable moves of my life. They did this by doing every task required for a relocation to a high standard, and putting safety as their number one concern. No problems occurred and they were there for me, giving me what I needed. I had no problems with the removal and it was over in no time. Their staff were faintly, experienced and skilled so I had no worries about them handling my belongings because I knew they would get them to my new address safely and on time.

  • Rob T.

My job keeps me very busy so when I had to move, I knew I wouldn't be able to help my family much. I tried to do some packing my job was very demanding. I was recommended to call Removals from a friend and I didn't regret doing so. This firm took care of every part of the move so I could attend to other matters. Within a week I was living with my family in a new abode while still keeping on top of my important duties, because of the help I was given by a great removal firm.

  • F. Anderson

I was apprehensive at first about hiring a removal firm to assist me but I had no choice, as I would not be able to complete the process without the right help. I Called Removals not knowing what to expect. I wasn't sure if they could help me properly and I was weary about letting strangers pack and carry all of my belongings. These doubts were unfounded, however, because each mover took the jobs seriously and put the safety of my things and those involved at the forefront. The next time I move, I won't hesitate to call them.

  • Benjamin T.

A neighbour left my street a year ago and I was impressed by the support she received. From what I could see, the moving team swiftly handled everything and was done in a day. When I decided to move, I wanted the same support so I called Removal Scotland. They are a firm who understands the trade and helping its customer so they will do everything you require. They did this for me and had my life transferred from one address to another before I knew it. They make moving easy and I will recommend them to everyone.

  • Davis M.

I want to give a big thank you to all the people at Removals Scotland who helped me with my move. Living alone meant I would have had a lot of trouble getting all my things shifted but you all came through for me, providing every service and bit of advice I needed. Everyone involved was wonderful and very friendly. My belongings were intact and quickly unpacked upon arrival and I have rarely had such a nice experience. I would recommend you to others in a heartbeat.

  • Maureen

I had need of help when I was moving home as I wouldn't be able to carry all my boxes and furniture myself. I'd tried lifting a cupboard, but had little luck doing it. I had my friend help but found we wouldn't be able to get it down the stairs. I began to consider leaving everything behind and just buying new things but a friend recommended Removal Scotland and I was immediately impressed when they had all my goods safely taken from my home and transported safely to my new address. I can't thank them enough.

  • George

Before I began my move, I immediately looked into various removal companies who could help me. There was an assortment of firms available but Removals were the clear choice. They did everything I needed and more, especially when packing. They used a variety of wrapping and carefully applied it to my things. Upon arrival to my new address, all my goods were safe and clean. They were able to carry my furniture safely too, with nothing being broken and no stress or injuries occurring. I will recommend and utilise their services again.

  • Tony

I hate being patronised by big companies, so was very relieved to find myself working with down to earth, hardworking people that belonged to a good, respectable company. Removals Scotland was not as good as I had imagined, it was even better! I am so glad that I decided to hire this company instead of any other. My removal was a success and it is all thanks to them. I would recommend Removals Scotland to everyone I know and will certainly use it again in the future.

  • Elliot Hibbs

As a freshly qualified Dentist, I decided to invest in my own surgery. Having purchased all my equipment, I still lacked a surgery. I needed a storage solution that was going to be safe since my equipment was very delicate and expensive. After much research, I came across Scotland who offered storage and removal services. I explained what my circumstances were and they were very empathetic and worked WITH me to work out the perfect storage solution and payment plan for me. Companies very rarely work with the client which is why I value Scotland very highly.

  • Gabe Brown

You know you have found the perfect removal company when you have a smile on your face throughout the whole removal process. This was something that I learnt when I hired Scotland to handle and take care of my removal needs. Knowing that everything is in the hands of the professionals made me feel at ease and left me smiling throughout. Well that and the fact that the removal men kept making me laugh too, which was also nice. I have nothing bad to say about Scotland.

  • Veronica Reid

I found myself in a bit of a pickle when I was offered a promotion that required me to move, and that too very close to Christmas. I contacted many removal companies but was refused service. However, after contacting Scotland, I came to know that people who genuinely care do exist. They offered to take care of my removal, allowing me to move very quickly and still be able to celebrate Christmas with my husband and kids. I was very pleased indeed and will never use another company again.

  • Nicole

I have moved many times in my life and it never gets any better, it's stressful and inconvenient and tiring. But, as I was getting older I needed to do it again and wanted to downsize to a bungalow. Removals Scotland offered a selection of services that made it a lot easier for me during his difficult time. Removals Scotland were a caring bunch and did a fantastic job, they made the move easy for me, and the cost was good too. Everything arrived safely, so that was great to be honest. Nothing was damaged in any way, which was a complete and utter relief. Thanks!

  • Bob Howe

The storage facilities of Removal Scotland are superb. I hired a storage unit from them a while back when I went travelling for a few months and I was utterly impressed with them. I was even allowed to view my storage unit beforehand to ensure I was happy with it. The storage unit was clean, secure and dry - an ideal place to store my items. When I returned, all of my items were in excellent condition - just as I'd left them. Nothing was damaged in any way. I was thoroughly impressed. Overall, I highly recommend them and I would certainly use them repeatedly.

  • Harry Prosser

I would like to say a big thank you to all the team at Scotland. They really have been excellent. When I moved abroad a few weeks ago, I didn't know at all who to trust. However, thanks to a good friend of mine, I luckily got to find out about this removals company and I'm so happy I did. I really do not know what I'd have done without them. From the ladies at customer service, to the guys from the removal team - all of them were great; really helpful and dependable. Thanks so much!

  • Anna

One of my friends recommended Scotland to me and boy am I happy he did because I adore them. I used them a few weeks ago when I moved to another town and the moving team was fantastic! The guys worked really hard and didn't even bother to stop for a rest and a drink, they just continued working. They transported my belongings safely and swiftly, and did all the unloading when they'd arrived. I barely had to lift a finger. Now that's what I call a professional removals service.

  • Shaun Terrance

To the guys at Removal Scotland: thanks a lot for helping me move my belongings to my new flat in London. I can't begin to explain how impressed I was with your service and your performance. It was incredible. None of my things got damaged, nothing was missing and I was really appreciative of you cleaning up after yourselves. It was great! So, once again, thank you so much for everything. You will be hearing from you again in the near future.

  • Samuel O.

To all the team at Scotland: thank you so much for your never-ending help and support. And thank you for making my move to a foreign country an easy and rewarding one. It's rare to find a removal company that you can utterly count on, but it feels great and relieving to have found one that I can rely on from now on. Thank you everyone for your help and for your hard work. I'll be seeing you soon.

  • Jack Cooke

I tend to move from flat to flat, I'm always on the move to be honest. And yet, despite regularly moving, I hadn't found a decent removals company I could count on. I've never before used one removals company twice. That was until I found out about Removal Scotland - a professional, reliable removals company offering an extensive list of services. They moved my things to my new flat and I was impressed by their speed, efficiency and skill. It was wonderful to see such professionalism within a company. I intend to use them again. Removal Scotland will be the only removals company I'll have ever used twice.

  • Brenda W.

To everyone at Removal Scotland, me and my wife want to tell you how happy we were with your service and we'd like to thank you for all you have done for us. You made our move easy and stress-free. What would we have done without you? Other moving companies we've used have been unreliable and unprofessional, but you are far from it. It certainly has been an easy and enjoyable move and that is thanks to all of you. We have told all our friends and family about your excellent service. Thanks a lot!

  • Andrew Scott

What an amazing service! I was absolutely over the moon with the service Removals provided. All the staff there works hard and is completely competent. It is rare to find a removals company with so many benefits. But this company certainly has endless benefits and if you are seeking a reliable removals company, this is the one to choose. It is an excellent moving company offering superb services at great prices. Thank you to all of you at Removals.

  • Natasha Green

What an excellent removals company! I can't begin to tell you how happy I am with Removals Scotland. Every step of the way, they have been completely professional and reliable. I have absolutely no complaints whatsoever. From the initial booking with them to the very end, all has gone well. From now on, I know who to call when I move house. I highly recommend Removals Scotland. Their staff, services and prices are amazing! Thank you so much you guys!

  • Jasmine

Two days ago I moved with Scotland and it all went very well. The removal team arrived on time, instantly began loading my boxes onto the truck and drove carefully. When they arrived at my new home, they helped me unload and even took my heavy boxes to the first room of the house for me. All the four chaps were really friendly and worked really hard. They didn't even stop for a break and trust me; I had a lot of boxes. No, they just continued working until all was done. They were excellent! I've recommended them to everyone I know.

  • Freya

I recommend ScotlandRemovals to anybody who is planning a move either now or sometime further down the line. Relocating with this company will not break the back and guarantees you a number of benefits and advantages that you don't often get with every removals company. They offer excellent quality services which will not cost you a fortune and can be carried out at a time that will be convenient for you and not the other way round! Best wished to the team at ScotlandRemovals and make sure you keep up the excellent work.

  • Daniel

Well, I don't usually write reviews for products and services that I have bought before however, I was so thrilled with the treatment and high quality removal services that I had received from this company that it was definitely worth mentioning something. Removal Scotland is the second company that I have used to relocate my items when I have been moving house and I must say that they are the best so far. I will not be hiring any other company if I ever choose to relocate again in the future. This company offers everything I want and more. Choose this company guys!

  • Gemma Porter

My move with Removals Scotland was excellent and the staff that I dealt with was simply superb! I had a large amount of belongings to relocate and I was worried about my treasured possessions getting damaged or lost, which is why I took a lot of time and effort to ensure that I had chosen the best company for the job. This team certainly proved that they were the best team that I could have possibly chosen and they were efficient, honest and reliable too, which is always a plus when you hire a company to do something for you. I was given a cheap, professional and complete removal service from this company and I am more than happy that I chose to move with them. I am sure that if you relocate with this firm you will not regret it!

  • Janet Matthews

This team saved me from so many problems and I am so happy that I chose Removal Scotland for my house removal. Despite the fact that our family home is fully furnished and therefore there were a lot of boxes and bags to move, the removals team did an outstanding job and I really appreciate how easy they made this move, not just on me, but on the whole family. I have used various removal companies in the past and some have even be what you may call ‘satisfactory' however, this company is the only one that I would recommend to my family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances and to you!

  • Steven Yall

If it wasn't for my brother, I'd never have found Removal Scotland, one of the best removal companies around. After many mad past experiences with removal companies, I never thought it'd be possible to find a decent company out there. I'm so chuffed that my brother told me about them ‘cos now I know that I can count on them 100% and I don't have to dread moving anymore because I've found a great removals company that take the stress out of moving. All the staff there was polite and very kind. Thanks to all at Removal Scotland.

  • Charlie J.

On moving day, the removal guys from ScotlandRemovals arrived right on time, though they had a little trouble finding my house and from there, worked hard. I offered them tea and coffee because in all honestly they all looked exhausted after lifting all the boxes. They turned my offer down though and carried on working endlessly. The last removals company I hired had really lazy employees and it took them all day to complete the move. The guys at ScotlandRemovals were completed in next to no time. They were simply amazing.

  • Danny Gray

I would recommend and nbsp; Removals if you want an honest removals company and don and rsquo;t want to pay the high prices of some of the other companies. Their low prices don and rsquo;t mean that they lack quality; in fact it is quite the opposite. I am no expert on removals but this is the best team so far.

  • Les Pearce

If you are ever in the same position as me and need to choose a removals company last minute to perform a last minute removal for you then I would recommend this company to you all. Not many companies are so fair and will take on your last minute move and not charge you anymore money for the removal. and nbsp; Removals Scotland were fair and honest, as well as understanding too. They helped me to relocate without any inconvenience which really says a lot. This is not my first relocation and perhaps not my last, but should I move again I will be using this company again.

  • Natalie Healy

I was going to call up another company to take on my house relocation but at the last minute I called and nbsp; Removal Scotland instead. Their prices were low and they gave me a no obligations quote. I decided to use their services anyway and I was chuffed! They informed me of the way they worked and they were honest and straight talking. There were no hidden costs along the way and everything went by perfectly! Terrific team and brilliant prices! Not a bad company at all!

  • Karl

Excellent! I am really pleased with the services that I received from and nbsp; Removals and would happily recommend them. If you need to employee a reputable removals company then I honestly believe that this is the one to choose. It and rsquo;s never easy putting your trust in a company when you have to rely on them to look after your personal belongings and make sure that no damage or breakages occur. However, I had my full trust and had faith in the team at this company because they were careful, efficient and honest. I watched them as they loaded and unloaded the removals lorry and noticed how much care they put in to carefully carrying my boxes and bags.

  • Tim Baxter

I contacted ScotlandRemovals for an estimate for a storage removal and almost immediately they gave me an accurate price and I decided to go with them. They sent me two men to do the loading job and they fitted everything perfectly in their truck. I had no worries throughout the whole process and I'll keep recommending them to everyone.

  • M. Parthank

I am very satisfied with the services of ScotlandRemovals as well. I didn't see the movers stop working for a minute. They also assisted with the packing up and were extremely careful with all of our belongings. I would definitely use them in the future again!

  • G. Lewis

Removals are a very dependable and honest moving company. I used them a couple of weeks ago and everything went just perfect. I would strongly recommend them to all of my friends and family if they need removal services.

  • P. Dooley

This was the third time we've used Scotland and they provided us with an amazing service as always. I would recommend them to anyone who needs a reliable and very friendly company to help them. Moving can be very stressful, but Scotland make it a hassle-free day.

  • T. Wenn

Removals - thank you for the last-minute services. You guys really saved my life. The moving team was hard-working, polite, professional and courteous. I highly recommend your company and will 100% use your team again if needed.

  • W. Daron

I had to move from my old flat on short notice and I hired a moving company which didn't show up on the day of my move. A friend of mine contacted Removal Scotland at 11:30 am and they said they could have two guys there between 2 and 4 o'clock after they finished their morning move. The moving men from Removal Scotland came and got the job done in no time. I am so thankful to this company! Kind regards!

  • N. Tobray

Excellent movers! They helped me move from my old house to a new 3-bedroom home just across the street. Three men showed up for my move and took great care of all my belongings. I would strongly recommend them to all of my friends and family.

  • W. Gevi

At the recommendation of a friend, we used ScotlandRemovals last week. The guys were friendly, professional, honest and willing to go the extra mile. I couldn't be happier with their services as everything went quite well. Thank you!

  • F. Elaut

I live in London and I just got a job in Frankfurt, Germany, requiring me to move all my possessions abroad. Scotland was recommended to me, so I called their office. They explained the process to me from start to finish and gave me some very helpful tips as well. Today I got my belongings and they are all here in perfect condition. Thank you very much!

  • K. Addicock

I had an absolutely hassle-free move with Removals. They made our move across London so much easier than we had expected it would be. We hired two men and they seemed to be very knowledgeable and really helped us. We just fell in love with this company.

  • R. Canien

My moving story doesn't begin happily because I hired a moving company which didn't show up at all. A friend of mine contacted ScotlandRemovals for me and they managed to fit me in their next day's schedule. I do not have words to say how grateful I am. Thank you very much to the whole working team of ScotlandRemovals.

  • N. Adgore

A friend of mine recommended Removals Scotland to me and I had a very pleasant experience with them. They worked very hard and did everything within the estimate given. I would recommend this moving company to anyone who needs professionals.

  • R. Marie

Scotland did a fantastic job for me and I couldn't thank them enough. They were very kind, hardworking and delivered everything without any problems. My next move will be into a nursing home, so I will not probably be able to use your services again, but I would recommend you to all of my family and friends!

  • Susan Hilbert

I cannot recommend Removals Scotland enough. Maria from the office was very nice and helpful as well. The crew arrived on time and got the job done in no time. I received everything in my new home in perfect condition. I wish them the best of luck!

  • P. Allen

Overall I had a very good experience. The moving team was right on time and they started to work almost immediately. I think I got lucky, because this was the best moving company I have ever dealt with. I would highly recommend Removals Scotland to anyone who is searching for good and reliable movers!

  • W. Langdon

Removal Scotland are the best movers I have ever used. It was a great pleasure for me and my family to work with them. Nothing was damaged and they were respectful of our belongings and home. I would absolutely recommend them and use them again!

  • O. Pye

Thank you so much for your polite and helpful service today. You made the most stressful day of my life extremely easy. I will recommend your good services to all of my friends and family.

  • F. abezgauz

I hired Scotland to help me with my local move and I was impressed by the speed with which they worked. The moving men were also prompt and worked very well together. Thank you very much!

  • S. Adda

I have already recommended Scotland to my parents for their storage removal next month because I have used their moving services and they were great. Our belongings traveled more than 2,600 miles and there was not a single item broken or even damaged. Best regards.

  • L. Padmakant

I have recently moved from London to Birmingham and I used the professional services of Scotland. They were right on time and helped me pack everything with extreme care. I recommend them to any of you who need moving services.

  • I. Sadiraj

My family and I are pleased to tell you about our pleasant experience with Scotland, who did a fantastic job moving our house furniture from Derby to Bolton. Their prices were very competitive and there were no hidden charges at the end. The moving crew took good care of my stuff as well. Thank you very much!

  • H. Malik

This was a great value and service. The moving team of Removal Scotland were just great. They wrapped all of my fragile things and loaded them on the truck really carefully. Their prices were also fair and I got top-level service for the price. I recommend them to all of my friends and family.

  • B. Haskins

I moved recently from Birmingham to Nuremberg, Germany, with the great help of Scotland. They provided me with the best quote and everything went exactly as I was told it would. I cannot recommend them enough. Thank you.

  • E. Verma

Removals did a fantastic job for me and my family. The three moving men worked well together and finished right on time. They bubble wrapped all of my stuff and delivered my things to our new home in great condition. Thank you very much!

  • K. Bagley

Removals movers were respectful to my home and took great care of my possessions. All of my things were tightly wrapped and delivered in very good condition. It was a really terrific experience. This company is one of the best service providers.

  • D. Geo

I used Removals yesterday to move me into my new flat within the Southampton area. I have no complaints so far. The price was affordable, and they even provided me with boxes for free. Their rep was there for me the whole time if I had questions. Thank you!

  • I. Khu

ScotlandRemovals did a fine job for me as well. Their moving team were organized and careful. They were right on time and got the job done very fast. I recommend them to all the people who need a reliable moving company.

  • R. Animashaun

Scotland saved me when another moving company did not show up at all on the day of my removal to a new home. The manager of Scotland was the only one who called me back to inform me that they could book me for the next day's schedule. Their team came and did the move perfectly, without a hassle. I am forever grateful. Thank you very much!

  • T. Appleton

I had a smooth and hassle free move thanks to the amazing team of ScotlandRemovals. The price was not expensive at all and the removal service was great.

  • M. Thalia

I used ScotlandRemovals to move me from my old one bedroom flat to my new one and I cannot recommend this company enough. They stuck to the schedule and everything was carried out with great care. And there was a high level of professionalism the whole time. Thank you very much!

  • L. Cahn

We had a long distance move, so we needed a reliable company for our removal. We heard of Removals from relatives, so we decided to go with them. We called the office and a very kind lady- Wendy - explained to us the whole process, she even gave us really good tips about the packaging. On the moving day their crew did everything quickly and carefully. We were impressed to see all of our belongings in perfect condition and no items missing. We would recommend them to all of our friends and family as well.

  • B. Jefferies

I want to express my satisfaction with the professional and extremely polite team of Removal Scotland. I thanked my friends for the recommendation. All of my possessions were in the same condition I left them and I have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone who needs a good removal company.

  • G. Lacasse

This is my third time using Removals Scotland and they are the best in the area. No items lost or scratched walls. This company rocks!

  • Brenda Apeles

Removals Scotland is fabulous. The movers were very careful with all of my stuff and the walls of the house. The cost was very competitive and there were no hidden costs at the end. My move was local and I had done all the packing, but they were ready with all the tools and boxes if I needed something. I chose Removals Scotland absolutely accidentally based on their reviews online and I am so happy that everything was true. Thank you very much and next time I will not hesitate to call you again. Best wishes!

  • E. Sumner

All of my needs were met from the movers from ScotlandRemovals. They were everything you could only dream a moving company to be - reasonable and reliable. Thank you for the great job and hard work, and I am recommending your company to all of my friends.

  • D. Sweeney

I received an excellent service from Removals Scotland as well. The men were courteous, friendly and efficient. Thank you guys!

  • Tolo Castillo

I am so glad that I can share my positive experience with ScotlandRemovals too. At first I was skeptical about using them for my move from South London to North, but at the end of the day everything was just perfect. For the first time I got a company which did not break any of my stuff. Nothing was even scratched. I am really grateful to all of you from ScotlandRemovals. I wish you the best of luck.

  • V. Shannon

I just want to let you know that Removals provided the best removal services for me. The guys were very efficient. Really nice people, and my final price did not change. The service was great in my eyes and so therefore I would recommend them to all of my friends and family.

  • R. Winfer

It was my first time moving out of London and I was really nervous to use a moving company after everything that I had heard from my friends' previous experiences, but I think I got really lucky. I found Removals on the Internet, and I'm thankful I used them. They gave me a great offer and the movers did a great job packing and unpacking my office stuff. Everything arrived in perfect condition. Thank you for making this day less stressful for me. I wish you all the best!

  • D. Hayes

ScotlandRemovals did a great job for me. They came early and were very professional, one guy basically helped us move and pack. The other guy arranged everything in the truck strategically so everything would fit nicely. In no time everything was done. I am so glad I was recommended to your services!

  • M. Badby

I just want to share my experience with Scotland. First, they showed up earlier than the actual scheduled time, which for me was such a great deal. Second, they were so professional, and helpful with organizing all the boxes and furniture. Third, they were done so quickly and the final price was exactly the same as I was quoted in the first place. And last but not least - not a single glass or plate was broken. This is one of the most reliable companies.

  • Laura Salman

When I had to move to a new flat I was wondering which company to use for my removal. I contacted Removals and by the end of my10 minute consultation with their customer service rep I decided to hire them. I am really glad that I chose them because they did a wonderful job.

  • P. Fernandez

When our office had to move to another city, we had to move there too. The managers hired a removals company and the result was that a lot of things disappeared. So I decided to use a different company for my personal relocation. I hired Removals Scotland and I must admit that I was surprised by their professionalism and quickness. It was definitely worth hiring them.

  • J. Dawson

Removal Scotland have a fantastic team of movers. We had to move to our new office and these guys showed up on time with three movers and were able to get the job done in 3 hours. I really must say they did a wonderful job. We will definitely use their services again.

  • T. Vinter

I used Scotland services as well last month and I was pretty surprised - at first I thought their quote was high, but at the end of the day the work they did was totally worth the price. There were no extra charges for wrapping up the bed, furniture, etc. I'm very pleased with the end result.

  • Alexander Snell

I want to share with you the experience I had with Removals. It was my first time moving, and I was deeply concerned that there would be some hidden charges after the job was done. I am really thankful that the company did a wonderful job and that they were extremely responsible for my possessions. There were no hidden charges and it turned out that they offer attractive rates.

  • John Nelson

I want to say thank you Removals. I had a moving company bail on me last minute and was in a tight situation. I needed to be moved within a day. So I started to look online and Removals was one of the first to pop up, so I called and spoke to a gentleman named Alan. He was very helpful and said he coul fit me in but would call back with a time. So he got back to me within 5 minutes, and we scheduled the move. Everything went perfect, and now I just wanted to say thank you to the whole team that helped me in my situation.

  • W. Deering

Just want you to know how pleased we were with my father's move from Surrey to Uxbridge last week. The move went smoothly without any stress. We used Removal Scotland and they were very efficient, polite and worked at a quick pace. I strongly recommend them.

  • L. Pater