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Take the Stress out of Moving by Packing Early

Preparation is the key: Waiting until the day before the moving house to start packing will create needless stress and also amplify the chance of items being broken or mislaid.  - List what you plan to pack: do all of your belongings need to be taken with you or could some items be disposed of, sold, given away or put into storage?- Remember that one person’s rubbish is another person’s treasure so there is always the option of taking items you don’t need any more to a car boot sale or selling these through auction websites – any income generated from doing this could then be used to purchase items for your new home - Work out the number of boxes you’ll need and get hold of these early enough to properly plan you packing – also use a number of different box sizes and order masking tape and wrap, especially important for valuable or breakable items you plan to take with you  - Overfilling boxes will mean they’re too difficult to move come the day of the move, so avoid this where possible - Make sure the boxes you get hold of are not only clean but strong enough to hold contents – remember that these can be obtained from supermarket or retail park car parks  -  Double check that your home insurance covers any breakages that my occur during the move - Keep hazardous materials and liquids together in one box and separate from the rest of your belongings  Take it a day at a time: After most moves, remember it won’t be possible to unpack everything on the first day, so it’s worth making sure that the stuff you’ll need on the first day is packed together in one place: -    Pack up any essentials you’ll need on the first night, so tea, coffee, utensils etc.-    Arrange an overnight bag that contains enough toiletries for all the family -    It is also a good idea to be able to access other key items like torches,  first-aid kits, plastic bags and tool kits-    Where possible, complete any washing well before you move to avoid packing damp clothes. -    Ensure items that you need least are loaded onto the removal van first Packing sensiblyIt is definitely worth putting some time aside at an early stage to think how you want to pack your belongings.  Valuables and breakables clearly need to be packed cautiously but it’s easy to forget how heavy some items are (books for example) so it’s important not to overfill boxes so you avoid them splitting when you’re carrying them into your new property. -    Keep in mind that packing takes longer than it first appears –therefore, start as early as possible -    Pack heavier items in small boxes and remember not to overfill them -    Start packing at the top of the house (in the attic for example) and gradually move downwards-    Make sure each box you pack is clearly labelled as to what its contents are – also, make sure boxes containing breakables or valuables are marked in a different colour to ensure you can identify them quickly -    It may well be worth keeping all important documents together in one box Packing only becomes stressful where people under-estimate how long it can take to get it done properly – starting early is therefore the key and gives you enough time to work out what you want to take and how best to pack – this way, unnecessary stress and expense on the day of the move can be easily avoided.