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My Most Valuable Items: A Moving Experience

It's my moving day. I'm excited to see the new apartment which my friend reserved for me. She said that morning sunshine is better in that place. Well, I laugh at that idea because we only have one sun but maybe, it would really be a happier place to live in. So I'm done with packing my things.
The last box I sealed contained my essentials. It included my toilet paper. Of course, what if I would feel the call of nature along the way? Of course, I have my dish soap and dish towel inside the box too. Just in case I feel sleepy on the way, I reserved an instant coffee to energize me. After all, it would be nice to take a sip while enjoying the views of the places I pass by.
Since I love listening to pop music, I brought my radio. Even the food of my pet dog is also inside my essentials box. I don't him to be hungry and howl all the way to my new neighborhood. It wouldn't be a good impression that I'm not feeding my dog. And most of all, I made sure that my important documents are included.