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Choosing the Right Boxes

Considering how stressful it is to relocate, the idea of planning out what cardboard box sizes you will use to pack your things may not be all that appealing to you. Why not just get the biggest boxes, right? But using boxes that are more proportionate to the various items that you will be placing inside will improve the security and manageability of these items. Take books, for instance. Say you manage to fit your books into one or two large boxes. But imagine the pressure that the books at the bottom are being exposed to. Also, stacked books aren't very stable, and while a well-made cardboard box may be able to manage the stress, why risk it? Make it corrugated. Corrugated cardboard is sturdy and resistant to deformation. In other words, it won't warp or fold unless subjected to a significant amount of force. This makes it a good choice for box material. Look for the ETC. Each box is assigned a particular ECT (edge crush test) number, which determines the amount of weight that the material can withstand per square inch. A grade of thirty-two should be good enough for home-moving needs.