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Moving Advice

We provide a reliable service for house moves in Scotland and throughout the UK.

Here is some helpful advice to prepare you for your move:

• Choose an adequately sized truck for your belongings and plan the number of journeys needed for your move.
• If using the packing service, decide how many boxes the company will need to pack, so you can estimate how long it will take them to pack your possessions.
• Arrange a time you would like the team to arrive.
• Prepare clear instructions and directions to your new property
• Pack non-essential items into boxes as early as possible
• Purchase all packaging supplies in advance before your moving day.
• Always keep a few spare boxes for the moving day for any additional bits and pieces.
• Dispose of any rubbish before your moving day
• Decide what you want to take with you and what is to be left behind. Donate or recycle and unwanted items
• Clean your property as you go long – do not leave it until the day of your move.
• Clearly label your boxes stating the destination room, contents, and any fragile items.
• Notify your utility companies of the date you are leaving the property to avoid any unnecessary charges.

Our objective is to provide house removals services to our customers in Scotland and the UK at affordable prices.

We provide all moving and storage services to suit your needs including free moving tips,
 advice, no obligation quotes, moving of possessions, and a personal packing service.

We offer customers complete flexibility. Whatever you need doing, we can assist you.
If you need to move house to Scotland, we will help. If you need to move a piano into the garage or into storage, we are here to help.