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Your Retirement Home - Live in a Community or in an Isolated Area?

Once a person retires, he can opt to live in a community or stay in an isolated area. Which one suits him the most?  In a community, he can mingle with other people who are at their retirement age and stay together as a family whereas if he opts for an isolated area, he is at peace with himself. Though it is an individual choice, here are the plus point and minus points of staying in a community or in an isolated area   1. Community living Also known as active communities, likeminded and similar aged people who stay here have a great time relaxing together, chilling out, having fun and indulging in healthy activities like golf, tennis, bowling, fishing etc. So a retired person enjoys an active social life here and does not feel lonely or isolated. People living in a community are well-attended, so in case, someone falls ill, prompt medical attention is given.  The flip side is that retirement communities are more on the expensive side, and the cost depends on the size, location and number of people living in it. You can expect monthly fees to be about $2000 and the prices can be higher for medical care. Also patients who have problems like stroke, cancer and other serious illnesses are rejected admission   2. Isolated area As a retired individual, you can move to an apartment or rent a home where you live independently alone. Here, you may get the much needed peace and tranquility. It is not that you are completely isolated; your family members may visit you and you may have friends dropping in; but primarily, you are living alone, by yourself. The flip side is that you may feel lonely and you may not have someone to help at a given time, in case you fall ill.   Both the options viz; living in an isolated area or living in a community have their set of strengths and weaknesses. You should choose the one that is suited to your liking and in line with your health condition.