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Which Type of Storage Do you Need?

When it comes to moving house and having too much stuff, there are many options. In amongst them is storage, but again, with this choice, there are many more choices! Storage presents a huge financial problem for many of it’s victims, as you will often find yourself spiraling into paying for the locker for a longer time than you ever expected, and therefore the items in storage will take on extra value in your eyes, but will never be that valuable in anyone else’s eyes...So, if you are thinking of renting storage, you need to think extremely carefully about the connotations of paying just to own things. You should never really live beyond your means, just like how you should not spend money that you do not have on a credit card, you should not keep hold of things if they take up space that you do not have. For this reason it is often best to sell everything that you would store, or hand it on to family or friends if you cannot bear to see it go to a stranger. That said, it is often extremely hard to let certain things go, and the emotional ties that we have to certain objects will sometimes force us in to hiring space in a storage lock up. If this is you, and you have no other option, then you will be looking at the various different types of storage that are available and wondering, which type of storage do you need? There are various types, and we will take you through each of the main ones and let you know how they stack up against each other. Firstly, you’ll have normal self storage. This is where you rent a lock up of various available sizes from a large company who own warehouses across the country for this purpose. The lockers will be well maintained, safe, clean and expensive. You will have to get everything there yourself, and move things from the transport to the locker yourself, although they may supply trolleys and sack barrows. There is also portable storage, which is a large metal freight container that is delivered to where you want it, which can be filled with pretty much anything, from furniture to building materials. These are often a bit more rough and ready, and susceptible to extreme temperatures, which can be damaging to certain items. There will be a cost to have the thing delivered and taken away, but you get with that price, the ease of not having to travel very much at all, so you can think of it as the same price as the savings on travel and effort in getting things moved in and out of vans and the like. There is also a wider class of miscellaneous storage options which come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. You will often find people who have spare space all over the place, from unused barns, garages and spare rooms, there are ways in which to store things for cheap by going with a stand alone outfit, but the rewards do not come easy, as you will probably have to do a fair bit of searching to find them. With all of this in mind, there is a storage option to suit everyone’s tastes and needs, and it is up to you to work out how the price, location and type affects your needs and budget, as we cannot know what you ned, and therefore have no difinitive answer for you!