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What to Consider in Renting Storage Units

When moving to a smaller home the problem is usually space. Some would sell some of their things. Others would give them away. But if you still want to keep them, there is another way of doing it. By renting a storage unit you will gain additional space for your things. This would allow you to have more space at home.
The first requirement when choosing a storage unit is size. You need one that is big enough for your things. If you have big furniture, it would a good idea to sketch how you will layout your things inside the storage unit and to measure the dimensions of the furniture to make sure that everything will fit inside. While it is better to have a bit of extra space than too little, it is also not advisable to get a very big one because of the costs.
You also have to consider accessibility especially is you are going to need your stuff right away. For instance, you may just want to temporarily store your furniture until you are able to plan out the layout of your living room and the entire house. This should take barely a week or a month to be able to do so. You might prefer to rent a storage unit that's nearest to your new home even if cost a bit more. That's because it would be more convenient for you later on when it's time to get your things.
On the other hand, some items are also sensitive to different temperatures. What you need is storage unit with climate control. Even if you have to pay a bit more it will be worth it if you will be able to ensure that your things won't get damaged.