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Top Ways To Pack Your Clothes For Your House Removal

If you’re moving into a new home then you’ve probably put a lot of thought into how you’re going to move your furniture, your appliances and things like your televisions and stereo systems. Although this shows excellent planning and pre-thought, it’s important that you consider your softer items as well – especially your clothing and shoes! Packing your clothing and shoes is easy when you know how to do it. Here are some fantastic tips and tricks for you to consider if you’re moving into a new home!1)    Clearing your wardrobe.Start preparing your wardrobe for your house move by having a thorough clear-out. We all hold on to items of clothes that once fit us, hoping that they’ll fit us again, but this isn’t practical! Be very scrupulous when throwing items away and try not to be too sentimental! Items of clothing that are still wearable and not stained can either be donated to charity or sold. Try selling your items through an online auction as this is likely to reach more people and more potential buyers than other, more traditional methods of selling. 2)    Boxes, bags and other means of transporting your clothes.Once you’ve finished with your clear-out you should be left with only items of clothing that you want to take with you. Start with the pieces that you aren’t going to be wearing anytime soon (such as out-of season clothes like winter coats or swimwear) and pack these away. You can use cardboard boxes for these items, or try using storage bags that can be vacuumed to remove air. This will help you save lots of space! You should now have only the clothes that you are likely to wear. Out of these items set aside around a week’s worth of clothes that you’ll want to wear when you’ve first moved. Pack these in a bag or small suitcase, folding them to prevent creasing. The rest of your clothes can be packed away into suitcases, which are excellent for moving clothes. If you have money to spare then it might be a good idea to invest in a couple of wardrobe boxes. There are tall cardboard boxes that have a metal rail in them so that you can hang your clothes easily. These can be expensive, so shop around online and in storage supply stores to find the best deals. 3)    Cheap and effective ways to move your clothes.If you want to move quickly and without spending any money then you might want to consider moving your clothes in bin bags. Although this is quick and easy, it can lead to creasing, so think this through carefully! Another great way to move your clothes is by removing them from your wardrobe (still on the coat-hangers) and place them flat into the back of your car. You can rip a small hole in the bottom of a bin bag and thread the hangers through this to protect your clothes. This is an excellent idea if you aren’t moving too far away, and if you have the space in your vehicle! 4)    Shoes.Never move your shoes and clothes in the same bags or storage boxes as this can rip or stain your clothes. Instead use original shoe boxes or reinforced cardboard boxes to move your shoes quickly, safely and easily.