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Tips for Packing Antiques for Moving

Items such as antiques are very precious and need special care whilst packing for moving. Here are some tips for packing antiques for moving. * Use double or triple walled cartoons for packing fragile items such as chinaware or glass items. It is good to pack them in a wooden crate with flow pack to prevent any possible damage. * Consider making a wooden crate as those used for crystal chandeliers to exactly fit huge antique pieces. * Pack items such as silverware in an acid free paper to prevent tarnishing. * Wrap the items in stretch or cushioning wraps. * Whilst loading the cartoons with antiques, make sure to keep them aside to avoid contact with other boxes. * If there are any removable pieces, remove and store them safely. * Wrap the paintings carefully and crate them to avoid any accidental spills or damage. * Whilst packing antique books, pack them tightly to remain intact. Make sure to clean them thoroughly before packing to eliminate molds.  * Above all, select movers that are specialist in packing antiques. Even after taking great care, your antiques may get damaged due to unexpected reasons such as an accident of the truck. Hence, consider taking a liability protection from the mover that refunds full value of the damaged goods.