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Tips for Hosting a Moving Sale

It is not possible to take everything with you on a move. So to make your relocation easier, and lighter, it is always better to hold a moving sale. Here are a few tips to follow to ensure that you set up a successful yard sale.   1. Make sure you inform you friends, neighbours and family about your yard sale. Most people like buying at yard sales.   2. Don't sort out your items at the last minute. Do it about a week or two before the sale so that all items can be tagged. Price tagging your items is very important as many customers return from a moving sale empty handed if the items were not clearly marked.   3. If you have clothes to sell at the moving sale, make sure its size is clearly displayed on its outside. Not many shoppers are patient enough to go through hundreds of clothing trying to find their size. 4. Never overprice your items in a bid to make more money through the sale. While pricing your items, place yourself in the shoes of the shopper and decide if you will be ready to pay the prices you quote for different items.   5. Place ads about your sale in the local paper before the sale. If you are doing a combined sale, everyone can pay the cost of the ad. Besides ads in the local papers, fliers are also effective for advertisement.   Last, but not least, place bold, bright and easy to read signs pointing to your yard sale. However make sure you check with the local officials for permission before doing so.