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Things You Need to Understand about the Lease

Take note that lease contracts are signed for a reason. It is legally binding so you should understand what's stated there before signing it. If there are things that are unclear to you, you should clarify it first before committing to the lease contract. If the contract is quite complicated it's best to consult a real estate agent or a lawyer than be bound to the contract that would not only give you hassles but cost you money as well.
The lease usually reflects how much the rent is, the mode of payment and when it is due. The rules and regulations imposed by the landlord and the law are also written on the contract. Again some clauses may seem vague or unclear to you so you should ask questions. For instance, you could ask if you could repaint the walls. You should also clarify who is responsible of paying the utility bills and of maintaining the garden if there is one and garbage collection. You should also clarify how much parking space is included with the rent. Of course, if you have a pet make sure that pets are allowed in the property. Otherwise, you would have to give up the place or your pet.
Again, make sure that you are clear about the terms of the contract. All agreements should be written on the contract as well to avoid disputes in the end. And while you would want to finish the contract make sure you are clear about the rules of moving out as well. After all, you would want to collect the security deposit in full too.