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The Need to Vacate and Relocate

Relocating to a new place gives a jolt of excitement to almost everyone. New environment, new neighborhood, new home... everything is new. It is also just normal to feel a bit weird because of all the changes that are happening. It will take some time to get used to and adjust as a new chapter of life unfolds.
Some people move because they wanted to live in a place that is more convenient for them. One most common example is a growing family. As responsible parents, it is a must to move to a wider space to welcome and accommodate new additions to the family. One factor would also be job assignment or career advancement. It would be best to transfer to a house that is nearer the office to avoid getting late.
Another potential reason to relocate is natural disasters. It is indeed unfortunate to live in a place that is prone to flood due to bad weather conditions. It is advisable to move in a higher location where peace of mind and ease of living can be acquired. 
Indeed, there can be a lot of valid reasons to vacate and relocate. But then again regardless of the reason, what matters most is to remain optimistic and embrace changes with open arms to receive positive vibes. As what they always say - "New home usually connotes good luck".