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Taking Care of Stemware When Moving

Stemware is hard to move around because of its fragile nature, and it needs special attention. If you are not familiar with the term, stemware refers to goblets, wine glasses and other wares that have stems that supports the containing area. This stem is like an appendage, and is particularly vulnerable to damage, especially if the stem is thin. So if you are moving and it is time to pack your stemware, here are some things that you need to keep in mind to make sure that you don't damage any of your precious pieces.
Pack them side-by-side rather than stacking them. If you can avoid stacking your stemware, do so. Stacking forces the pieces at the bottom to support the weight of all the pieces above it, and increases the chances of  it being damaged. It is better to place them firmly side-by-side, making sure that the pieces do not clink around when their container is moved around.
Fill in empty spaces with soft material. Stuff paper, tissue, foam or any other soft material into the empty spaces inside and in between each piece.
Use bubble wrap to pack your stemware inside their container. In addition to protecting your stemware pieces from hitting, scratching and damaging one another, you also have to keep the container from causing damage. To do this, wrap the inside of the container with bubble wrap.