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Spot the Difference: Certified Moving Boxes and Regular Boxes

How will you know if a box is a moving box? There are three ways to know if a box is a certified moving box. First, certified moving boxes will not compress if they are stacked on top of each other. They are designed to remain their in their shape even if placed in trucks or dolly to avoid crushing your belongings. Since stacking up of boxes will occur regularly during the moving process, certified moving boxes will ensure that your things are protected.
Also, certified moving boxes are produced in sizes that will accommodate and protect the things put into them. Industry sized boxes are easier to stack so the movers wont have to make several trips while moving your valuables. The four sizes of certified moving boxes are all purpose moving box, kitchen moving box, pillow moving box and the wardrobe moving box. Last but not the least; you can identify a certified moving box based on its label. Moving boxes have a specified label where you can write the contents of the box and the room where it is supposed to be. As a tip, do not be lured in buying ordinary boxes that retail stores call as moving boxes. Moving boxes rarely appear in retail stores and moving companies are the ones most capable of buying them.