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Special Packing Supplies for Special Possessions

Moving supplies are vital in packing for move. You probably are looking into buying some boxes, packing tapes, bubble wrap and markers. But before you set foot in a supply store, take a look at some of the extra items you might want to add on your list. Not all of them may be necessary but some may be essential for possessions that need extra attention.
Laptop box - laptop boxes have a compartment for laptop with cardboard inserts which effectively separates cables and protects the laptop from damages.
Wine bottle box - These boxes have especially shapes Styrofoam inside to snugly fit standard wine bottles. Many of them can store 6 to 12 bottles at a time.
Poster tube box - Usually triangular in shape, poster tube boxes ship posters by rolling then inserting them into the tube.
Mattress box - Regardless of the size of your mattress, you are sure to find an appropriately sized mattress box at supply store.
Lamp box - These boxes are great for lamps, telescopes and golf clubs - anything that is elongated and fragile.
Picture box - Used for pictures, mirrors and artworks, picture boxes are available in wide array of sizes of too.
Carpet shield - This is usually used to protect carpet from getting dirty while movers haul your possessions. Carpet shields are often sold on foot.