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Reusing Pacing Supplies

Reusing boxes and packing materials is a big part of saving money around removals. Not only that, it is also environmentally friendly and generally a sensible thing to do. However, boxes aren't the only packing materials that can be used more than once. This article will discuss in depth which packing materials should be reused, how you can do this and why, so that you can have the cheapest and most environmentally friendly removal experience.

1.    Of course, the boxes always come first. Reusing old boxes has many benefits, the first of which is quite obviously, the cost. The more boxes you remove, the less you have to buy. Additionally, it is the environmentally conscious thing to do. In an age when resources are becoming ever more scarce and forests are being cut down every day, reusing a cardboard box is the least you can do to not contribute to the problem. However, there are some things you will need to do, before reusing boxes. If the boxes have been stored in a cold or damp place, check them for mould or mildew. Remember that even a little bit of mould can be a health hazard and if you discover any, the box should not be reused. Next, make sure to get rid of spiders or other insects which you may find inside. Check for any holes, big enough for the contents of the box to poke or fall out. If there are any, you may decide that they are insignificant enough for you to still use the box. If you decide on this,  the next step is to vacuum on the inside and voila! Your old box is ready to use again. Remember that electronics are always best kept in their original packaging, so try to hold on to that when you buy anything new. If you do not have old boxes lying around, why not ask at the corner shop, bookshop or other establishment. These places tend to have a lot of useable packing materials simply sitting there and going to waste.

2.    The next thing you can reuse is Styrofoam. It is very important to reuse Styrofoam, as this is an artificial material and it is therefore not bio-degradable. Now, there are a few ways to reuse this material. The first is to keep any Styrofoam fittings for the electronics that you buy and then package these electronics in the exact same way that they arrived. The second way is to reuse Styrofoam pellets. These can be easily repurchased from a hardware store or even a supermarket. However, a lot of items will also arrive in Styrofoam pellets. If you simply hold on to these (by keeping them in a zip lock bag for example), you can reuse them whenever an occasion arises. Styrofoam is an indispensable material during removals.

3.    Other things that you may be able to reuse include large plastic bags (remember to always save plastic wherever you can) and tags and labels.  Simply cross out the previous writing or flip the tag and you will be able to reuse it. These things may seem rather small, but during a large scale move, every penny counts.

4.    Always remember to clean and check for damage every single thing you reuse. Defective packing materials can lead to damage for your belongings, and that will cost you much more than buying some packing materials.