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Purchase Your Own Property before Moving to Italy

If you have of plans of moving to Italy and staying there either for a long time or for good, it is advantageous to purchase your own property. Prior to packing all your things and hiring an international removal company to help you in transferring from your country to Italy, you should be wise enough to have already purchased a place in Italy where you can bring all your needed stuff. This will serve as guide in buying real estate in Italy.  
Buying property in Italy is different from buying property in the UK or in the US. A whole new vernacular is used when speaking of houses and property.
An appartamento is an apartment or a flat. A bilocale is a flat with two rooms. A casa is the generic terminology for a house. Casetta is a small house. The casa bifamiliare is a semi in the UK or a duplex in the US. Do not confuse these words with casale, which is a farm house and castello, which is a castle. A terratetto is a term used to suggest that an owner owns the entire building from roof to ground.
Italy is a charming county to move to. It is highly advised that you purchase your own property there. Make sure you are familiar with the local terms when speaking to an Italian real estate agent. You would not want to buy a casale (farm house) when what you wanted is a casetta. When you already have a property there, then it is time to pack your things and hire a removal company.