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Prepare for your Westminster Moving Day

As we all know, moving day is a chaotic and crazy day, there is a lot to do, a lot to think about and a ton of things to remember to do, you are rushing to get everything done (especially I you only have the removals company for one day) and as a result of all of this, there are some important things that tend to get forgotten. This article is designed to help you to move to or from Westminster with much less stress,  help you to remember to do the important things and help you to plan your moving day with a little more details and precision.  Here are some things that you should do prior to moving day:•    Make sure you have picked up the keys to your new home, you would be surprised as to how many people forget to do this.•    Make sure everything is packed and ready to move for moving day, and try to have an essentials box prepared, this box should have in it everything you and your family are likely to need on moving day and for the first night in your new home (therefore it should include things like food, toiletries, bed linen etc.)•    You should also pack a box that has all of your important documents in it, such as passports, birth certificates, insurance policy details for example, as well as any documents that you might need on moving day.  Take particular care with this box on moving day, this is the most important box you own!•    Plan your route, how do you intend to travel from your old to your new home?  Plan an alternative route, you never know there could be a car crash on your trout come removal day, and you don’t want to be stuck in traffic or not have a secondary route in mind. •    Make sure you have a removals company ready to move you things for you, a man and van would work just as well though this may mean more journeys, so factor this into your day.  Always be realistic about how much you can physically get done in one day. •    Children and pets…if you have any young children or animals in your home, it may be a good idea to ask a family member if they can look after them for you.  Not only will this help you by giving you one less thing to worry about, but it might make the move less stressful for your pets and children. •    Make sure you have called your utility provider and have the switch over in place for moving day. •    Set up a mail redirection service. On moving day, you will be concentrating on packing and unpacking, but before you leave your old home remember to do the following:•    Make sure you lock all entrance points to the house, all windows and doors should be secured.  •    Take a note of the meter reading for the utilities in your old home when you leave and in your new home when you arrive.  This is to ensure that you are only paying for what you use, when moving home there is often an overlap in utilities being switched from one person’s name to another and this could result in you paying for the electricity used by the new owners of your old home, or the old residents of your new home. •    When you arrive at your new home, make sure all of the utilities have been switched on and are ready to use, ensure you know how to use things like the security alarm etc.