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Packing Your Home The Green Way

More and more people are choosing to move house in way that’s environmentally-friendly, and if you’re looking for tips and advice to do the same then you’ve come to the right place! Usually, moving isn’t the most green of activities, with the exhausts from removal vans, dealing with your non-recyclable packing materials and the many trips needed to be taken in your car, but here are some ways in which you can make your moving day a little greener!1)    Eco-friendly moving boxes.You don’t need to buy and then throw away the moving boxes that you use for your belongings on moving day. Speak to your local shops and supermarkets and ask for their second-hand stock boxes. Reinforcing these with packing tape will make them strong enough for your items, though you should look out for signs of wear and tear. It’s worth taking the time to check to see what the box originally contained, and the weight it was manufactured to hold. Both of these will give you an indication of how much weight the box can carry, making it easier for you to pack your belongings safely!2)    Boxes in your home.There could be many, many boxes lying around your home, so before you begin sourcing your moving boxes from other places, try have a look through your attic, loft, shed or garage. Lots of people hold onto the original packaging for electrical appliances and items, and if you have the packaging for any of yours then you can move them safely and securely, as these boxes were designed specifically for that purpose! Check for signs of wear and tear, and always use packing tape to secure boxes that are old. 3)    Environmentally-friendly packing supplies.You don’t need to use bubble wrap, foam packing peanuts or any other plastic-based materials to pack your belongings! Old newspapers and magazines can be used to wrap fragile items thoroughly, and can be recycled after moving day! Be aware that newspaper print can rub off onto light-coloured items, so be careful what you use it for! Towels, sheets and bedding also make great alternative to foam packing products if you want to pad out your boxes without using environmentally-unfriendly products!4)    Innovative ways to pack your home.There are lots of great ways that you can pack the items in your home without needing to use plastic packing materials or cardboard boxes. Why not try using your old suitcases to easily pack up your clothes, shoes or even to make moving heavy objects, such as books, easier to travel with? You could also try using under-the-best plastic storage boxes, or any other type of storage boxes or drawers that you might have in your home. It’s worth asking your friends and family to see if they have any items like this that they can lend you, as they can make your moving day very speedy, as well as green!5)    Getting rid of your used packing supplies and boxes.Once you’ve moved to your new home you’re going to have a lot of cardboard boxes and packing supplies to get rid of. Don’t just throw these away, as they should be gotten rid of in an environmentally-friendly way! Recycle any cardboard, and check to see whether your plastic packing supplies can be recycled too. If not, ask around to see if anyone you know is moving and could make use of them!