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Packing: Everything you'll Need for your Move!

Moving house is such an exciting time, there's so much to think about that you'll never be stuck for something to do or advice on the ways to do it. No doubt you'll be bombarded with endless information on all possible areas of moving house. Packing is one of the areas which people tend to think they've got covered and that it's the easiest part of moving house but quite often a lack of planning can make it one of the most stressful! It can be ridiculously time consuming and the last thing you want to be doing the last few days before you move house is staying up all night trying to pack and get everything done.  However you can't go wrong with our brilliant packing tips so make sure you make yourself a packing list and get the job done properly!BoxesIt may seem obvious but you can never have enough of them. Having plenty of boxes ensures that you are able to pack your possessions correct without any worry that during the move they'll become damaged. Having a selection of boxes, big and small will mean that all of your belongings, regardless of size or how fragile they are will all be able to fit into a box and be packed neatly into your removal van thus ensuring everything arrives in one piece and in an organised fashion!Bubble WrapThis is everyone's favourite moving accessory because it is so much fun. However, when you're moving house you'll discover that other than providing hours of mindless entertainment, bubble wrap is essential in making sure that your belongings remain safe and secure during the moving process. A hefty layer of bubble wrap will protect even the most delicate of objects from breakages and you can have peace of mind that your precious belongings will survive the journey. Don't attempt to pack without it!LabelsAlthough you won't need this for actually packing your items, you will certainly thank yourself for labelling each box, even if it's just as basic as the room that the items will end up in for example 'kitchen', 'living room', 'bedroom'. If you're feeling even more organised than that then you can go as far as labelling exactly what is inside the box for example 'kitchen utensils', 'books', 'pillows'. Not only will this make unpacking a much easier task because you'll know exactly where everything is going but it will also let you know how heavy each box is, so you'll avoid risking any personal injury in carrying anything too heavy for you! Labels are an essential for the organised mover.Polystyrene PeanutsYou know when you order something off the internet and it arrives in an enormous box even though it's tiny, but the enormous box is packed with polystyrene peanuts? That's to keep it nice and safe which is exactly why they should be on your list of packing essentials! They are an excellent way of packing several things in one box and them all staying secure and undamaged. If you've got delicate belongings then packing peanuts are for you!With all these things on your side then you can't fail to have a successful packing experience! It's essential to be completely organised when you're packing otherwise it can end up being an extremely difficult experience and actually result in your belongings becoming damaged. However if you follow these tips and pack your belongings accordingly then everything should go to plan and you can expect a happy move!