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Moving Office for the First Time: The Guide

Moving offices is a huge process whether you’re a large company or a small one and when you’re doing it for the first time it can feel like a tremendous task. Change is difficult regardless of the situation but when you’ve got a big move to organise and staff to co-ordinate it can feel all the more difficult. However, office removals don’t have to be as stressful as you’d think, especially with the correct planning and organisation, they can go smoothly and efficiently. You’ll be enjoying your brand new offices in no time! Choosing the LocationChoosing the location of your new offices is of paramount importance because it will determine the successfulness of your future business and the happiness of your staff. It’s also unlikely that moving will be something you’ll want to do again in a hurry so you need to get it right the first time. Things to look at are whether it’s a place that you, your staff and clients can get to easily which means checking there is ample parking and that it’s easily reachable by public transport. Another thing to look into is whether your competitors are nearby, if not why not and whether this will affect your own business in any way. Hiring Contractors and Obtaining BlueprintsOnce you’ve settled on a location and found your future new offices, it’s vital to immediately get a contractor in so you can smooth out any potential problems quickly and to obtain the blueprints. Having the blueprints will help you determine all the things which will enable you to set up your office nice and quickly such as where telephone and internet access points are as well as where fire exits, stairwells, toilets and kitchen areas are. This will allow you to plan the layout of the new office before you even get there and will make the moving in process so much quicker and more efficient. Hiring a Removals ServiceIt’s important to do your research around the removals service that you’ll be hiring for your office move so that you end up with a firm who you can trust and who are efficient and reliable at their job. It’s vital that the company have experience in office removals because it’s very different to house removals and presents its own challenges that the movers will have to know how to overcome.  Call around the different companies, chat to them, get quotes and try to determine their reputation by talking to people who have hired them before and by reading online reviews. Packing UpPacking up an office is a serious business and takes a great level of organisation and effort on everybody’s part. Don’t leave this until the last minute because it will almost certainly take longer than you’d initially think. In fact, as soon as you know that you intend to move it’s worth getting everybody to begin de-cluttering the office so that you don’t end up taking loads of unnecessary things with you that are only going to get thrown away anyway. Make sure you purchase all the packing essentials such as cardboard boxes, bubble wrap and packing peanuts and pack everything securely so that it doesn’t get damaged in transit. You should also make an effort to label every single box so that the unpacking process when you get to the new office is easier and more efficient. This is especially important when moving offices because you need to be careful that documents and files don’t get lost or misplaced during  the moving process.