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Let Your Plan Work-Out When You Move

Make your moving clutter-free, well-organized, and convenient. This can be done by following moving procedures that are proven to be effective and efficient.
First, have sufficient time prior to moving. If you have work, be certain that you have filed your leave of absence. If your children are going to school, inform the school right away about the move.
When packing, teach your kids and your entire family to be responsible enough and accept their duties in packing. This way all tasks will be done accordingly, with the help of everybody.
To make your move far from having chaos, take things smoothly and surely. From acquiring packing materials, to packing and labeling your boxes, to loading them in the box and transporting them all in your new home-things must be done accordingly.
It pays to have a schedule and if you have, strictly follow it to avoid delays. When you are done, inform your neighbors that you are leaving the community and moving to a community. Then, make sure that you show some respect to your new community by looking forward to living with them and inviting them to your housewarming party.