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How to Protect Your Plants When You Move

Some people will simply load their house and garden plants aboard a truck or van when moving.  This could stress your plants and they could die from improper handling. To prevent this unhappy scenario, you need to make a few special steps to protect your special plants when you move to a new residence. 
First, you have to prune the plants so you can pack them easily. Ensure proper pruning by consulting a gardening book to avoid damaging your plants. 
You must also get special plastics and boxes that should be used only for your plants.  A week before the scheduled move, you must disinfect the box and plastics by spraying them with insecticides. 
During the actual move, place the plants inside the boxes and protect their leaves with the plastics.  Make sure that the plastics and boxes have holes to allow your plants to breathe.  Before protecting the plants with plastics, spray the leaves and the roots with water to keep them damp during transport. 
Avoid exposing the plants to extreme heat and sunlight. Your plants could wither if you will not place them in a shaded area during transport.  After arriving to your new home, make sure that you can replant them as soon as possible.