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How to Pack Efficiently

One of the most essential tasks when it comes to moving is when packing is concerned, so to make everything efficient and smooth - especially when you start to unpack at your new home - you should make sure that you've packed everything properly.
Start by making an inventory of the items you are packing, better if you do it by room and by box. This will help you keep track of things better.
Also, pack by room so nothing gets mixed up together. This will also help you when you unpack later.
Label your boxes accordingly. This is so you know which box has what and what room does the box' contents belong to. This will help keep things simple and organized, minimizing complications and confusion. Boxes with fragile things inside should especially be consciously labelled as such.
Speaking of fragile, pack all your breakable items properly. It is important that you give them some support and something to absorb the shock of transport for them. The most effective materials are packing peanuts and bubble wrap, although a lot of used and crumpled newspaper can suffice if you really cannot lay hands on proper wrapping and padding materials for fragile items.