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How to Make the Move Less Stressful for Your Pet Cat

Moving can also be stressful for pets. That is why it is also important that you prepare your pet cat for the move. Like people your pet cat would also feel a bit lost in a new place. One way to do this is to let your pet cat get used to the carrier. You can prepare the carrier and put the cat in a small room. This would make the cat less panicky when it is enclosed during the move.
To protect the cat from much stress, you can leave it in a cattery while the move is going on. While this may cost you, this would make it easier for you to concentrate on the move and ensure that the cat would be taken care of during this time. The only problem is when you are moving to a far location. You would then have to go back for the cat.
Alternatively, you can just keep the cat in the small room and do the move. You have to put the cat there a few days before so your pet would be used to the isolation during the move already. But don't forget to feed the cat too. Then on the day of the move, feed the cat early in the morning. This would prevent illnesses during the trip. To make the trip a bit fun, remember to give the cat his favorite toys too.
When you get to your new home, keep the cat in a room so it will not get overwhelmed of the new place. Then slowly introduce it to a larger area so the transition would be smooth for your pet.