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How to Create a Comprehensive Moving Checklist

Everybody despises relocation. The time and effort it takes to clean, pack and travel, can really take a toll on your well being. Regardless if you are moving a small apartment or an entire office, relocation can still be less chaotic if you have a comprehensive checklist to look over.
Let these tips help you create an excellent checklist which you can follow to ease the whole process.
Hire Movers or Do-It-Yourself?
Without a doubt, packing and moving on your own is a lot cheaper than hiring the services of professional moving companies. However, the convenience you can get from getting movers is sure worth it. You may find it more helpful if you hire movers than spend tons of time and energy doing everything on your own.
List down Repairs
If you need to fix anything in your new home, be sure to note it down. Be sure to include painting or carpet cleaning in this list.
Notify Companies and Acquaintances
Be sure to list down all the companies and organizations you need to notify about the changes. It can be your phone company, electric and cable provider, gas and credit card companies. You will also have to list down the people you want to inform about your move.
Plan Furniture Arrangements Ahead of Time
If you sketch out furniture arrangements for your new home, you can easily identify which you must pack together. Don't forget to label the boxes that contain your essentials so you'll know which boxes to unpack first.
Make a Backup Inventory
You can't afford to lose the very thing that keeps your move organized. Make two or three copies of your checklist and be sure to keep them in accessible places, such as the car or your carry on bag.