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House removals - Making Money from your Unwanted Junk

When you are moving home you will find you spend a lot of money. Be able to recoup some of this money is important to anyone who is moving home. While you are packing your belongings you are likely that you have a lot of unwanted items that you don’t want to take with you to your new property. Just because you no longer want these things doesn’t mean that no one wants them. Most people will attempt to sell their unwanted items online, but there are alternative ways of getting rid of not needed things on the high street. These suggestions will help you organise your items to take them on to the high street to sell and make money.Know your marketSelling things on the high street you are going to be limited to what you can sell, you aren’t going to have the vast resources of people available on the internet. When planning on selling items on the high street you need to know what items you are likely going to be able to sell. Electronics, DVDs and CDs are items that will be easily sold in stores, and there are a variety of different stores and companies that purchase second hand and used electronics and entertainment products. You still need to have an idea of what kind if items they are looking for. You are going to find it difficult selling your VHS video collection to a used electronics store, as they need to buy items they can sell on. These stores may offer you more for your items if you make a deal for a “trade in”. Trade in is when you swap your old unwanted items for items you want or need. The trade in option may not be suitable for everyone, especially if you are trying to reduce the amount of things you need to move. One option these stores may give you is a trade in voucher. This is when they take the items and give you credit to spend in the future. This is useful if you intend to use the money you are making to buy items that available in these stores. If electronics are not what you want to sell you may have excess jewellery to sell. There are many places that will offer you cash for unwanted gems and precious metals. These stores will give you money based on the cost in weight. This means they will vase their price on the weight once they smelt the metal. The prices at these jewellery buyers can vary depending on the market costs at the time. You can do research online to find out what the current prices are and when is best time for you to sell. It needs to be noted that just because you may have spent thousands of pounds on a necklace does not mean you will get a similar price when selling. Donate to charityIt may not be worth the time and effort to sell your unwanted items. If this is the case you can donate to charity. Charity shops are available nationwide and will accept a variety of different items and goods to sell in their stores.  Charity shops may also collect from your home which will save you having to pack and carry the items.