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Using Shelves in a Self-Storage Unit

When you decide to rent a self-storage unit your main concerns will be how to utilize the space most efficiently and the monthly fees. Self-storage is a very convenient way of having more space for your belongings within a reasonable budget. You have the freedom to expand or downsize and you are guaranteed safety for your items. Organizing a storage unit is not an easy task, though, and in order to use the most of the space there is a certain way of arranging your goods. The main thing is to allow enough space for walking between boxes and goods and ideally - enough space for a dolly. The floor space may look enough to store everything from side to side, but the unit offers a considerable height as well. When you are filling up a three-dimensional space, think how to use the whole space efficiently. A clever idea is to have shelves in the unit. Most self-storage units are up to ten feet high, which is a lot of space for your items to go up. The benefits of using shelves are quite a few. Most people don't know that shelves make the space for storing 15% bigger. This can allow you to even rent a smaller unit, for a lower cost and use all its space. Another advantage is that shelves will keep your valuables and fragile items safer. If you have glassware, paintings or electronics for storing, they can be arranged on shelves. Avoid putting heavy boxes on the shelves and placing boxes one over the other. Using shelves makes reaching items much easier. You can put the items you need access to more often on the shelves and reach them straight away. This saves you time and effort lifting heavy boxes and going through them in search of a particular item. If the shelves are at your waist level, this is also better for your back and posture, saving you effort lifting big boxes from the floor. Shelves allow you to store documents and files much easier, in an organized way. If you have lots of possessions for storing, shelves may be the best way to utilize that space. Label boxes and make a map of your inventory - this is a great time-saver. Positioning the shelves is up to you; you can put them against each wall, leaving enough space in the middle for bigger furniture or goods. The other way is to place them only along one wall. Don't place heavy home décor, furniture or bicycles on shelves. Keep the shelves for lighter boxes or packets - clothing, linen, toys, china, glassware, paintings and ornaments. Shelves are not included in your self-storage facility, so you will have to make a little investment on them. It's better to choose free-standing shelves, since most storage units don't allow clients to screw anything onto the walls. You can choose between different materials too - some prefer wood, but it holds moisture easily. You can try shelves made of aluminium, which are great for holding heavy items. The wooden shelves are affordable, but be aware that many shops offer shelves you need to assemble yourself. Make sure the shelves are fastened tight before placing anything on them. If you have boxes of heavy books you can put them on the bottom shelves, but it's usually not advisable, if you want to guarantee a long life of the shelves. Follow these simple tips for utilizing space in a self-storage unit. After all it is all about being creative and not paying fees for space you are not even using to its fullest.