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How to Pack Big and Delicate Furniture and Accessories

Packing may be a tedious part of moving. But you need to do it properly if you don't want to damage your things. You have to give extra attention to big and delicate items like furniture and other accessories.
Mirrors, Hanging Fixtures and Floor Lamps
Because these fixtures are delicate, what you really need to do is to protect them. You can put wrap them with towels and reinforce the padding with bubble wrap. After sufficient padding has been applied, you can now place your mirror or lamp inside a plastic bag and seal it tightly. When packing lamps, make sure that you remove the bulb first before wrapping.
Beds, Couches and Chairs
When there are cushions and foams, you need to be wary of molds and mildew. That is why you need to keep moisture and dirt out all throughout the transportation process. Mattresses should be wrapped and covered in mattress bags. Then you should cover it with shrink wrap. If you are using a box spring you need to cushion and tape the corners to avoid damage. The other parts of the furniture need to protected and packed well to avoid scratches as well. Removable parts have to be removed though before packing.
Tables and Dressers
For pieces that are made of fine wood, you need to apply wax to prevent scratches. Furthermore, you should protect each piece with bubble wrap. If you want to provide more cushion, you can put towels as well and then cover each item with plastic before shipping.
By being more careful you will save yourself from a lot of headaches. So even if you have to put more attention and effort on it, it's worth it when you get your things intact and safe.