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How To Buy Packaging Supplies For European Removals

Having packaging supplies ready and on-hand well before the day you have to move homes is recommended, because this simple bit of advance planning and preparation can really help you prevent stress and get things done quickly. A lot of people wait until the very last few days to purchase packaging supplies, and inevitably find themselves very stressed, short of time and so they end up spending much more money than they normally would had they planned everything carefully. To help you purchase packaging supplies that are not only useful and good quality, but also within your budget, we’ve put together some questions you need to take into consideration when you’re planning European removals. What is the scale of your house move?The scale of your house move can be calculated by considering factors such as the amount of luggage you have, a general estimate about how big, bulky and heavy different items are, how many rooms there are in the current home so that you can determine the amount of work involved etc. The scale of a house move helps identify how much effort will be required in packing and move, and how many packaging supplies will be needed. What are the packaging supplies you need?You will have to purchase all the standard packaging supplies that are needed for home relocation, namely: packaging boxes, tape, scissors and/ or shears, ropes and twine, labels and markers, box cutters, bubble wrap and other cushioning materials. If you can think of any other supplies that you might need, add them to a list so that when you go shopping, you don’t forget anything. Do you have any special packaging requirements?You may have some non-standard items that require unique packaging materials. For instance, heavy furniture items such as sofas cannot quite be packed into boxes so most packing and moving experts suggest using shrink-wrap to move them safely or, another common special requirement is that of pieces of art that have to be taken out of their frames, rolled up and transported in special cylindrical containers. Make note of all such items in your home and then make a corresponding list of special packaging supplies that you might need. Do you have a particular budget in mind?Most homeowners have a budget allocated to the house move. It is important to carve out a portion of the budget for packaging supplies so that you don’t go overboard while shopping. At the same time, keep in mind that an extremely tight budget will keep you from buying quality packaging materials and this can cause more harm than good should any damage befall your things. What kind of packaging boxes do you need, and how many?When it comes to packaging boxes, you should get between 4 and 8 of each variety of boxes:•    Extra-large boxes•    Large boxes•    Medium sized boxes•    Small boxes•    Extra-small boxesIt really depends on the amount and kind of luggage you have. If you don’t have a lot of heavy items, but you have a lot of small gadgets, crockery etc. you might need more extra-small boxes and maybe only a couple of extra-large cartons. Do you want to purchase from an independent retailer or a moving company?Choosing who you want to buy from makes a difference in terms of convenience, quality and pricing. Generally, you shouldn’t have any trouble locating a reliable independent retailer of packaging supplies, but buying from a moving company does have its advantages: you’ll be able to get a good deal on the purchase if you’re already hiring the company’s services and you’ll be able to get industry-grade supplies.