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Home Relocation - Help Children Settle in

Moving house is a difficult time for every family and especially for the children. After you've managed to survive the packing, loading and relocation, it's time to settle in the new house. This process is not easy at all. If you have young kids or teenagers you should be prepared for any sort of emotional outbursts at any time. From the moment you inform them that the family is facing a relocation, a process of adjusting to the thought and the change begins. Teenagers are extremely emotional when it comes to home relocation. They have friends, they are used to their lifestyle, school and teachers and they can often become emotionally detached and even refuse to help during the moving. Be patient with them and give them the time they need to say goodbye to their friends and the life that they are used to. There are a few things you can do to help them with the transition and make them realize that this is not necessarily a bad change. These things should be done during the first weeks after the relocation, so make sure you don't get entirely lost in the process of unpacking and organizing the home and forget about them.

Take a Tour
Maybe your family has visited the house before the relocation. Despite that, it's best to have a walk with your children around the place, show them the neighborhood and the town. Let your kids explore the place so they can find the places that they like and which will make them feel at home again. Some parents decide to play hide and seek with the children - to show them every part of the house and turn everything into a fun experience for everyone. Whatever you choose to do, make sure that you stay positive and energetic. Your children, no matter how old they are, don't want to see that you are stressed, sad or negative.

Essential Boxes are Essential
Settling in is a hard process which takes time and above all, willingness. Each member of the family should pack an essential box with their own things that they care about truly and that make them feel at home. Your children should have such boxes too - books, games, photos, music, collectable - anything they really love they should have nearby once you've moved in. Let them arrange their items and give them some privacy.

Unpack Children's Rooms First
Most experts would tell you that you should unpack the kitchen first, but do only the basics - utensils, essentials, things you need in order to be able to cook food for the family. After that you need to unpack your children's rooms. Don't waste time and do that on the first day - set up the beds and the furniture and let them arrange their clothes, books and toys. Ask them if they need your help or if there is anything they would like to change in the room. If it's something you can do right away do it. If it's a bigger task, leave it for later, but promise that you will do it. Children need to feel safe and understood and above all, they need to love their rooms. The sooner they settle in the rooms, the quicker they will manage to adjust.
Settling in the new home is not an easy task, especially with children around. However, make sure that you go back to your usual routines as soon as possible.