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6 Aspects to Look for in a Student Property

Finding a student home is a world away from finding a non-student flat or house. As students are generally a messy bunch, much less love – on average – is put into maintaining a clean and functional home by the landlords. This, of course, is not true for every property – some student digs are extremely nice and fancy. But for the majority who are looking for a balance between price and appearance, many properties you view will not be as nice as non-student homes. But that is just part of the student life. Here a few things to look for when it comes to viewing a student property: 1.    SecurityStudent homes are a target for criminals. Non do-gooders know that in the summer and winter months most student properties are vacant and, as such, will target them. Of course this is not only the case for just the time when students are not in their student homes – criminals will target houses they believe are easy to break into. When it comes to protection against this, use your own mind to judge how hard it would be to break into the house. If the window locks are old and outdated, or if the front and back doors look easy to break down, then it’s best to choose another property if you wish to not be at risk from potential burglars. It is also important that each individual room locks as that is where you will keep all of your valuable items. To see how prevalent crime is in your area, you can use the government’s online crime map. 2.    AppliancesWhen looking around a student home, be sure to check what appliances come with the house. If, for example, you aren't sure whether, say, that microwave in the kitchen comes with the house or not, ask the estate agent, landlord, or current tenants. If you're looking for a house with a washing machine and tumble dryer, be sure to ask the estate agent that is what you require before you begin your search for a student property. 3.    FurnitureMost student homes are fully furnished, but it is important to check first. If you find a perfect house for what seems like a cheap price, be sure to ask if it is furnished. If it isn't you'll have to fork out for a desk, a bed, a mattress, a wardrobe, and whatever else you require. 4.    Check the last time the boiler was servicedThe last thing you want to happen after you've moved in and got your room looking the way you want it is for the boiler to break down because it hasn't been serviced in ten years. As most landlords will have multiple student properties, things like these can be neglected not through bad faith, but through business. 5.    What area is the house in?Whether you want your home to be close to campus or close to the centre of town is up to you. What you should make sure of is that it is in walking distance of grocery shops and that if it is far away from campus, there is a bus and train station within a reasonable distant from your home. 6.    Are the windowed double-glazed?Most students will need be looking in every possible avenue to save money. You can't be lax on the rent – you have to pay that by law. What you can save money on is through bills. In the summer, you won't likely need central heating – just a boiler to ensure you have hot water. But in the winter months is really when the bills will be steepest. Remember that bills will be considerably less if the windows are double-glazed.