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5 Tips On How To Enchant The Potential Buyer

People are generally easier to influence than most of you probably think. There always are several details that turn someone's mind that or the other way. Here are 5 practical tips with the single purpose of making the potential buyer of your residence buy the property at the best possible price.

1. Cary out the viewing efficiently
The efficient viewing starts with a good first impression. When setting the date and time for the viewing, give the potential buyer your mobile number, so he or she can reach you anytime and ask additional questions or change the time of the appointment. Also give the PB detailed and clear directions how to get to your residence. To make the process of finding the place even easier, it's a good tactical move to make a "FOR SALE" sign and put it in the front yard or on the staircase.

2. Set no time pressure on the viewing
Now, after you and the PB finally meet, generously give your time to the PB. An hour is the least you should count with. When walking the PB trough the rooms, don't forget to also show him or her the additional spaces - an attic, a basement, a cellar, a washing room, parking space, front and backyard and so on. You should start speaking on the specific details of the place, for example exposure, location, neighbourhood, energy efficiency, without been asked specifically about every single one.

3. Prepare to let the potential buyer feel the place
Some PBs want to be left to wander alone for some time, so they can feel the place and perceive the atmosphere. Let them - don't be tactless , but also don't leave them for too long so they don't feel abandoned. Some PBs are on the opposite site of the spectrum - they want to literally feel the place. They will open and close doors and windows, turn on and off the lights, the water tap, the heating, and often they want as well measure the exact height, width and length of the rooms, so they can see if their wardrobe would fit in the corner to the window, for instance. For that case, prepare in advance, and have a measuring tape and paper and pen with you. Things like that have unseen but evident effect on PBs.

4. Bring help
On the viewing take someone with you to help you predispose the PB. This can be a friend or family member, who is very good with people and/or is a very good salesperson. However, distribute the roles in advance. You have to be the only one who is making the decisions, and preferably, answering the questions. The helper has to keep the conversation going, and speaking about you and the property only in general. It's really important not to split the PB's attention between you both. Speak in turns, and better have the helper speak only in the beginning and the end.

5. Ask for a feed-back
In the rule the BP should contact you first after the viewing, if he or she is interested. You can instead of waiting, specifically ask the PB for a feed-back. Explain that you don't have any experience in selling houses or flat, and you need their help for the future PBs - that should make them call you back in both cases. So if they are not interested anymore, you can find out what they didn't like - for example, if the residence is too loud, or too expensive, or too distant. If you manage to find a way around this, the PB would fell in your arms, if not - the next one will, because you will have time to think of what to say about these claims.