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4 Things You Should Do before a Long Distance Move

A long distance move usually requires more preparation consider the distance you are traveling to. For one, you need to pack your things better. You certainly cannot think about making a few trips to transport all your things to your new home. That is why most people who move faraway really end up hiring a removals company. It would even be better if the same company packs your things for you as well. Make sure that you hire the right removals company though. And before you commit to one read the contract first to avoid surprise additional charges. Just to be sure document the state of your things before they touch it and document as well when they are delivered. This would be your proof later on should anything gets damaged.
Before you even pack anything you should separate the things that you no longer need. You can either donate or throw them away. However, you could also come up with cash if you hold a moving away sale. And best of all, you will need less packing materials and there would be fewer boxes to move.
Make sure you clean your things before packing them though. This will make unpacking and organizing your things faster later on too. Of course, your new home should be clean too before you get there with your things.
But then make sure that you do not leave any unfinished business. Do not leave your work hanging. Otherwise this would also go against you later on. Leave your new address to neighbors and coworkers so they can contact you. Get their contact numbers and addresses too.